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Some people would simply call me a “Wagon Jobber”, but I am innovative, have created a niche in the market place and I have the true American entrepreneurial spirit in developing my NEW Micki’s Mobile Shooters Supply cargo van.  I want to better service my customers at the shooting range with products for gun cleaning, care and maintenance along with other shooting accessories.   I have taken the typical bricks and mortar retail gun store and made it a “mobile” store where “The point of purchase will often be the point of usage.”   

I want to be known for my outstanding selection of gun cleaning and care products while exceeding my customers’ expectations in service; even on the simple items.  I want to fill that void of “time” between rounds in shooting competitions with the opportunity for the shooter to clean his gun, learn about new and all the different products available for gun cleaning, care and maintenance.  I want the shooters to just relax and “chew the fat” if you will with other shooters about whatever before one has to go back to the competition and shoot the remaining rounds for the day.   Overall, have some fun and increase the shooters enjoyment from a day of shooting

 “Mobile” is a key word in my business!  The shooting sports have yet to understand exactly what a “Mobile” shooting supply van is; but I am here to inform them of this new kind of “mobile” supply while introducing my new concept and taking care of my customers “on the spot.”  I do not have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) as I do not sell any ammunition or any firearms and do not want to!  But I do sell a hell of a lot of shooting supplies and accessories.   Think of us as a "candy store" for gun care and maintenance items and accessories.

So the next time you are between rounds in a shooting competition or maybe just finished practicing for the day look for Micki’s Mobile Shooters Supply cargo van.  Believe me; you will not miss the van!  Stop by, say hello!, clean your gun, learn about and try out some new products and then replenish your gun cleaning supplies.    

Micki Leopard